Enjoy a stress free and relaxing pregnancy and prepare for a positive and natural experience of childbirth, the best for you and your baby.  Encourage a plentiful supply of milk and post natal fulfilment for both mother and child.

The power of the mind is extraordinary.  Through an understanding and retraining of the brain the client and Hypnotherapist work together to enable the best possible outcome.

Of course we already know that when we are feeling good about ourselves it has a positive effect on those around us and most definitely on the unborn child.  By working together in a solution focused way all the fears and problems are transformed into workable solutions within the clients life.  By keeping the focus on the preferred outcome the best options in life become more readily available and beneficial opportunities are acted upon with confidence.

The Course

Course Highlights

  • 'Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle' and 'Closing The Pain Gate'
  • Brain response and reducing anxiety
  • Learning self-hypnosis
  • Developing ultimate depth relaxation
  • Positive visualisation
  • How to be a supportive birthing partner

Closing the Gate on Pain

The Gate Control Theory helps us  understand how hypnosis can "close the gate" on pain.  Hypnosis can direct attention away from the pain sensations as well as transform your perception of the pain sensations.  This can inhibit or slow the transmission of pain messages from the source.

Course Benefits

  • Reduction in length of labour
  • Less reported pain
  • Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps
  • Reduced caesarean rate
  • Reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia/analgesia
  • Deeper, more restful sleep both before and after the birth
  • Feeling less worried and anxious about the birth
  • Less worried about life issues in general
  • Fewer digestive problems and less heartburn
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Labour more often than nor begins spontaneously
  • Fewer, or no drugs used,means there is less risk of side effects for both mother and baby
  • A shorter, more relaxed labour
  • Generally fewer interventions are needed and fewer complications arise.
  • Babies sleep and feed better
  • Atmosphere remains calm and tranquil

Altogether, there are many reasons for using Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis and none against.  It cannot cause harm in any way whatever when used as described here, in the sessions and on the CD.

The techniques of relaxation, using Self-Hypnosis using the CD, and taking yourself to a calm and comfortable place in your mind to 'chill out' can be used at any time.  You can use it to give yourself a quick boost of energy or confidence whenever you need it.  By imagining yourself being how you want to be you can make it happen, exactly how it happens with having a baby.  This isn't magic.  It takes some work and practise, but in the end what you're using is a power that we all have in our minds.  It still isn't something that can be measured by a machine, although brain-scanning machines can now see the areas of the mind that are activated when this type of work is being done.  So it does provide proof of a sort that this is not 'blind faith'.  These skills are practical and down to earth, easily learned with almost unlimited potential – all you have to do is put in the time  and relax!

Clients usually have at least 4 sessions during their pregnancy starting with the Free Initial Consultation which lasts for about an hour.  It is beneficial for the birthing partner to attend sessions too if desired.

About Us

Jessica Driscoll
cnhc badge

Jessica Driscoll

I completed my training at The Clifton Practice, one of the leading hypnotherapy centres in the South West where I gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DHP). I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH) and a committee member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists (AfSFH). As a member of these associations I adhere to a strict code of ethics. The HPD is a nationally recognised qualification at level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework; this is an endorsement of the quality, amount and level of learning.

I am passionate about helping people; I have been a teacher for over 10 years and really enjoyed the pastoral, caring side of the teaching role. Having used hypnotherapy myself to make immense changes in my own life I decided I could help more people by making a career change. My first encounter with hypnotherapy was to stop smoking, something I had been trying to do unsuccessfully for years; I found it easy with hypnotherapy. Due the success I had seen with smoking I again turned to hypnotherapy to help manage pain and aid healing with major surgery; another success. Since my first encounter with this therapy I have gone from strength to strength and met many others who have done so too.

Sheila Damon

Sheila Damon

Sheila's interest in helping others to improve the quality of life in all areas was sparked when she attended a series of lectures on the study of human relationships run by a charitable research. at Toft Hall, Cheshire in the early 1970s.

She realised that childbirth could be a richer experience if mothers were given the information and method to allow them much more control of the whole birth preparation and process, when she was expecting her first child. She further clarified her thoughts through experiences with her second and third babies. Recent research has confirmed her beliefs. As the mother of 3 children she gained an honours degree in Philosophy and undertook post graduate teacher training, subsequently working for over 17 years in teaching. During this time she trained as a counsellor. Discovering Reiki healing, she was ultimately attuned to the level of Reiki Master through the Usui lineage.

Some years ago, whilst practising as a counsellor she felt that the time to start a full time second career had arrived. Ever eager to develop professionally, she discovered the highly acclaimed Clifton Practice, not only a working clinic, but a very successful training establishment. The training she undertook here was in the cutting edge Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy. She became an accredited Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and opened her own business in this field.

Sheila has membership of a number of professional associations and attends continuous professional development training and the required supervision events to ensure that she offers her clients high quality confidential consultations. Sheila works from both Barry and Cardiff.

She considers herself very fortunate to be working in a profession which allows her to share such special rewarding moments with clients, as they discover their own strengths and resources on their journey to their personal solutions, which lead them to a vastly improved quality of life

Contact Us

For details of a FREE taster session please call or email

The initial consultation is free, subsequent sessions are £60 each. The usual amount of sessions is between 4-6 depending on factors such as general anxiety levels, medical history and birthing history.

You will receive two CDs, a relaxation self -hypnosis CD and an 8 track hypnobirthing CD to listen to at various stages of your pregnancy and the labour.  Birthing partners are very welcome to attend some or all of the sessions and we will also liaise with your midwifery team.

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